Herzlich willkommen!

On this website I would like to introduce you to our hobby cattery Sensitive Souls and our pack. Together with our pack we live in the beautiful lower Westerwald, pretty much exactly between Cologne and Frankfurt am Main. We are completely addicted to Belgian Shepherds. We have lost our heart to the long-haired varieties, but for the time being our breeding will focus on Tervueren.

Hier lernt Ihr unsere Hunde kennen, und wir erzählen Euch gerne etwas über uns, warum wir uns irgendwann für Belgier entschieden haben, und natürlich auch, was unser Zuchtziel ist, wie wir an die Suche nach „dem“ geeigneten Deckrüden herangehen, aber auch wie unsere Litter planning aussieht. Viele weitere – hoffentlich – interessante Dinge sprechen wir an, und lassen Euch an unseren Gedanken und Erfahrungen teilhaben.

On the one hand, the health of our dogs and the dogs we breed is important to us, and on the other hand, the suitability for families and the ability to cope with everyday life.

We breed under the umbrella of the DKBS in the VDH /FCI.

The breeders organised in the DKBS strive to breed Belgian Shepherds that are able to meet the demands of an increasingly complex society.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our cattery or our dogs. Of course you are also welcome to contact us if you are interested in a puppy from our kennel.

We invite you to stay a while and absorb all the information that is interesting and relevant to you. And now we hope you enjoy browsing through our website!